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New product - RMX 2.5 RS - Release NOW
New product - RMX 2.5 RS -
Release NOW
532199BK RMX 2.5 RS BLACK 1/10 RWD Drift Car KIT
MST specially designs the RMX 2.5 RS for lightweight and performance settings.
The players can have excellent settings and drive it immediately after the finish of assembly according to the instructions.
The RMX 2.5 RS comes with a high-hardness plastic spur gearbox, also support RMX/RRS driving mode conversions.
1. New spur-gear-driving the gearbox for RMX and RRX
2. New dedicated carbon deck
3. RMX 3.0 KMW carbon upper deck
4. New aluminium shock absorber w/adjustable length
5. F& R lightweight carbon damper stay
6. Full aluminum suspension mount (front -2.0 / rear +0.5)
7. New dedicated carbon quick-release battery holder
8. MB rear suspension
Please refer to the video for more details!
MST keeps developing more products that people loved.
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