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New generation RMX 2.5 RTR release
Launch date
Brushed version:  in November
Brushless version: Open for pre-orders
The newly evolved RMX 2.5 RTR is an entry-level and professional rear-drive drifter.
Professional body design and default factory setting with the successful experience of 2.0 RTR stable control, push the drift control stability to a new realm once again. Let beginner players can control and experience the fun of drifting more easily and have professional drift ability in large-angle and attitude at the same time.
Even after the driving ability is improved, the whole car has abundant upgrades giving more powerful development potential to the car’s performance.
Every RMX 2.5 RTR has been set up before boxing.
Ready to run (drift)
Video in 4K quality
RMX 2.5 RTR For details, please visit the official website
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