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New coming drift car series - RMX M 1/10 RWD Drift car -
Wheelbase: Two settings of (225 / 233mm) & (239 / 245mm)
Width: 164mm (+3 offset) (adjustable)
Drive mode: MR/RR
- Suitable for TAMIYA M car body shells
RMX M design points
1. With the RMX 2.5 spur gearbox, the 4-tooth MR drive mode can be switched to the 3-tooth RR drive mode.
2. Initially come with the brand new ATK V2 upright is redesigned with the M drift car’s exclusive up/lower arm set.
3. A large steering angle is specially designed for the RMX M drift car.
4. First equipped with a newly designed THA adjustable length arm. The range is adjustable from 41 to 53 (PIN to PIN).
5. The newly designed M tire & wheel with a smaller size. The construction of the rear tire is wider than the front tire can increase rear wheel traction. 
- The RMX M frame can also use the general drift tire and wheel !
- The RMX M suspension system is suitable for the Tamiya M car wheel and tire !


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